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Hi, I am George and am here to share with you my experience of using legal insider pro binary robot. I have been in the business of forex hedging for over 35 years now and have seen all possible cycles of the market. Several so-called miracle products have mushroomed before my eyes in the market and cheated gullible customers. Not to say that all are bad and fake, but yes most of them are not really trustworthy and up to the standard. Therefore, the tall marketing claims that these product owners make in order to sell their products do not convince me easily. Instead, I conduct my own research into them, conduct my own demonstrations, analyze the output and then decide.

I am about to present to you my views about this new money minting product on the block – legal insider pro binary robot. I have to confess that this product comes straight from the shelf of one of my oldest and trusted colleagues, Greg Marks with whom I have had the opportunity of working in the area of forex hedging. All right, I have known him for years, but despite that, given the nature of our business, trust does not come so naturally, especially on products that promises to be almost foolproof. Therefore, I decided to do some research into the techniques that were deployed in developing the product and seeing a demonstration myself. Moreover, I have to confess, the outcome from Pro-Binary Robot, LegalInsider pro binary robot, was mind blowing. I have never seen something like this before.


This is the first product of its kind that comes with an insurance cover! It is basically a Pro-Binary Robot. If you make money, you get to pocket it but if you lose money, Greg steps in to cover that loss for you. Yes, it’s true. Greg’s Pro Binary Robot software is insured against losses up to USD 500,000. Another positive here is that the product is absolutely free for your entire lifetime. Unlike other products that come with a limited period free trial offer, this pro binary robot is absolutely free for life. All you need to do is download the moneymaking bot and trade with it.

Greg has a rich experience in the area of hedge fund trading strategy in forex and he has left no stone unturned in putting his expertise to best use while developing this unique pro binary robot. He has a solid backing of a hedge fund of USD 45 million that he manages. Now this is huge money. He has been able to develop this absolutely fantastic tool because he knows the entire game inside out. He knows exactly why other products that have flooded the market previously with tall claims of making money have failed, what loopholes they possess and what tricks they use to rob innocent customers of their money.

Date Asset Entry rate Type End Date End rate Payout Status
05.08.2014 17:51 NZDUSD 0.8461 call 05.08.2014 17:51 0.8462 43.25 Won
05.08.2014 16:40 USDCAD 1.0968 put 05.08.2014 16:40 1.0962 43.25 Won
05.08.2014 11:41 NZDUSD 0.8517 call 05.08.2014 11:41 0.8518 43.25 Won
05.08.2014 09:51 EURUSD 1.3391 put 05.08.2014 09:51 1.3386 45.25 Won
05.08.2014 07:00 EURUSD 1.3421 call 05.08.2014 07:00 1.3422 45.25 Won
05.08.2014 06:15 GBPJPY 172.878 put 05.08.2014 06:15 172.91 0 Insured
05.08.2014 05:25 NZDUSD 0.8524 call 05.08.2014 05:25 0.8526 43.25 Won
05.08.2014 04:42 USDJPY 102.551 put 05.08.2014 04:42 102.52 43 Won
05.08.2014 01:35 AUDUSD 0.9328 put 05.08.2014 01:35 0.9326 44.75 Won
05.08.2014 00:56 EURJPY 137.678 call 05.08.2014 00:56 137.681 43 Won

He has inked a deal with brokers that should a client lose, the brokerage will make good the losses to the client and claim them from Greg personally. Therefore, obviously there is a huge bet that Greg is placing on his pro binary robot. He has thrown a challenge that seems almost indefensible. His strategy draws from detecting the insider bank moves legally. He gets to earn only from your profitable deals and pays you back for the loss making ones, if any. So, go ahead and try it out, as you have nothing to lose. You will only win with this Pro Binary Robot.



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